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About Granny

Granny is a survival horror game based on a true story from 1989. Uncertain rumors say that she kidnapped her grandson, locked him up, and never let him out. Take inspiration from this horror story. In the game, the main character is an unknown person who is stuck in a house. To get out of the house in the allotted time, about five to six days, the main character has to solve a bunch of puzzles while avoiding the mean Granny.

How to play the Granny game

Granny attracts players because of its easy and simple gameplay. Surviving and leaving the house is the goal of the game. Because the insane Granny who lives in the house listens to every sound, this can be challenging. She will seek you out and attack you if she hears you. Before Granny puts an end to you, you have five chances or days to leave the house.

Granny Game Feature

Granny has received numerous positive reviews, mostly highly appreciating its tense atmosphere and exciting gameplay. However, it got some criticism about its graphics because of its creepy design.

In 2018, Granny ranked as the second most viewed video game on the Youtube platform and became a big hit in the idle horror game genre.

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