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About FNAF Shooter

The objective of FNAF Shooter, a first-person shooter, is to protect the globe from an invasion of cartoon characters while staying alive. If you liked the previous installments of the popular FNAF series, you will adore this one.
Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, who was Chica, Foxy, and many more make appearances in this game. They start the day as adorable toys that transform into terrifying robots. As a result, be wary of confronting them.



The action-packed game genre is right at home with Fnaf Shooter. It combines elements from shooters and scary games. Action game enthusiasts looking for a test of their mettle should look no further.
In reality, the gameplay is very similar to that of previous FNAF installments. The main difference between this chapter and the other one is that the player is armed with a gun in this one.


Controls Guide

To navigate, click and drag the mouse.
The WASD keys will move your character across the screen.
Press W and Shift together to activate the running keybinding.
Press the spacebar to jump.
To fire it up, press and hold the left mouse button.
Aim with a long press of the right mouse button.
You can cycle through the available weapons by using the mouse wheel.
The hotkeys for the weapons are buttons 1–7.
To reload, hit the R key.

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