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About FNAF 3

FNAF 3 - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is the third season of the legendary series FNAF. This game is considered a classic game you can't get a good or bad ending from it. Another difference is that in the original version, you can see the flames in Fazbear's fear but not in the help required. Along with that, the model in the old game is far more attractive than William's. Phantom Mangle, who was essentially nonexistent in the classic version, now appears in the vents, and Phantom Puppet is missing from the Help Wanted edition.


With its cool graphics and fantastic art animation, FNAF attracts the love and support of horror game fans around the world.

Besides, the third version added some exciting innovations that make it different from its two predecessors.

Controls Guide

Actually, the FNAF maintains the same gameplay throughout the series. In the third version, the player continues to take the role of a security guard, whose mission is to protect the restaurant against the attack of bloodthirsty animatronics.

Control: Use the mouse to look around the room.

Use the Left Mouse Button to adjust the Cameras/Maintenance Panel.

Press the Spacebar while hovering over the vent camera buttons to seal vents.

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