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About Backrooms

Do you enjoy playing scary video games? Or do you want to let off steam by playing tense games to feel fantastic? Playing the trendiest game right now, The Backrooms is one of the best choices for you. This is a fantastic horror game that will make you a die-hard thrill seeker. Although it shares the same concept as other popular horror games, you must develop a strong strategy to control and prevail. You shouldn't expect any scary monsters or the usual jumpscares in the online game Backrooms; instead, your main objective is to get out of the weird building as quickly as you can. Keep in mind that despite the fact that everything in this building is configured substantially differently than you may expect, the atmosphere is still ominous.


The Backrooms are suitable for someone who is looking for a thrilling feeling. Despite the fact that this game features a horror spirit and brings you out of reality, it can entertain you efficiently. To win the game, you need to keep your head cool and focus on the strange things around the building and lobbies. Try your best to find the hints after the clues to find the exit as soon as you can. Sometimes, you may feel annoyed by creepy noises and a gloomy atmosphere. Keep a watch on surrounding things and everything will be solved quickly.

Controls Guide

In the Backrooms, your character wanders into a strange place in which there are various abandoned rooms and a yellow-colored hallway. All of them are too old and dusty as they have not been in use for a very long time. To win Backrooms, you need to find the shortest way to escape from this building thanks to your skills and brainstorming.

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