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About Surze

Surze is the title of a horror game. Imagine that one day, the familiar place we visit every day suddenly changes at night. If you're still not convinced, just one online Surze game will persuade you. A local public school's classrooms and corridors are being terrorized by a terrible monster. The yellow bus is outside waiting for you, but you don't have the key to start it. Find it and assist the kids who are hiding from the ghost in the shadowy spaces. Stay in the shadows and be silent. You are gone if the beast notices you. Can you stay calm, find your way around the structure, and make it out safely?


It takes a lot of work and difficulty to create anything terrifying. This book surrounds you with an eerie atmosphere while maintaining a high level of tension. The designers chose not to include any adverts or in-game purchases in their Surze game. Run it on any device of your choosing within a browser window. For the best experience, put on your headphones and dim the lights.

Controls Guide

This game controls similarly to other first-person shooters or walking simulators. To make the movement, press W, A, S, and D on the keyboard. Use the mouse to scan the area. Holding Ctrl while sneaking stealthily and Shifting while fleeing the beast quickly.

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