The Dawn of Slenderman

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About The Dawn of Slenderman

Slender Man is an amazing horror game with a thrilling supernatural character. You may already be familiar with the slender, impossibly tall, faceless humanoid that stalks and kills its prey in the woods. Today is your chance to exact revenge, so head to the jungle and search for that ominous bastard. Get to the sinister villain by sneaking through the woods and eliminating everyone and everything that is in your way. The game includes three maps: The Forest, Autumn, and Winter. You and your friends can play all of these in multiplayer mode.


People have become so familiar with the scary character Slenderman because he was inspired by horror characters in fiction. In fact, many people have chosen to dress up as Slenderman for Halloween.

Slender Man has some violence but no bloody scenes. Therefore, if you are a fan of the horror game genre without too much creepy sense, this is your best choice.

Controls Guide

This is a first-person game where your mission is to find eight manuscripts about the Slender Man, a weird creature.


Use the arrows or WASD keys on the keyboard to make the movements.

Use the mouse to aim or shoot.

Press Shift to sprint, Ctrl to crouch, R to reload, and F to collect.

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