FNAF Security Breach

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About FNAF Security Breach

FNAF Security Breach is the latest version of the survival horror game series loved and supported by millions of worldwide fans. In this version, the player takes the role of Gregory, a young boy who’s been locked up the whole night inside Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant. Gregory must find the secret hidden in the mysterious restaurant, learn the truth, and try to protect himself until dawn.


Unlike other games in this series, Security Breach is a true free-roaming game. It means that the player is not restricted in the security room, he can move throughout the pizza restaurant with little to no obstacles, as opposed to the Sister Location version where there are only a few rooms that the player can move around. Security Breach shows what fans can expect from the game, including throwing back an old game mechanic.

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An empty Freddy Fazbear head from one of the costumes was one of the objects players received when they started their first security guard duty in the second game. Many of the fnaf characters are stopped in their tracks by it, which is used in place of the infamous doors from the first game. Many viewers found the concept intriguing and enjoyed how some of the animatronics would approach closely in an attempt to reveal their identity. Certain robots might even rip the phony head off if the mask wasn't put on at the exact right moment.

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