The Baby In Yellow

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About The Baby In Yellow

The Baby in Yellow is a comedy horror game in which you are tasked with watching over a suspicious infant and avoiding the attempts he makes to seize control of the situation.

It has been whispered that this game is modeled around a real-life event or series of events. You play the part of a babysitter who is in charge of an infant who is difficult to control. Every night that the two of you stay together, it becomes more and more clear that the newborn has developed into something horrifying. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the infant is now a monster. Participate in the game and see if you can control this little one. How long will you be able to keep your composure?


At first glance, you might think this game is simple and easy to master. The developers, on the other hand, are continually including new content that expands the game's lore. In fact, there are a lot of hidden things within the game.

How to play

There are three different ways that the game can conclude in total. The first one to appear can do so at any time during the game, but the rest have to hold off until the very end. Despite this, there is a secret finale, which only a select few players have discovered. The game only has one secret conclusion available to players at the moment, but more are planned for future updates.

Tips 1

Players have a chance to get this ending on the second night of the game. You have been tasked with finding six lost souls. These hidden souls are contained among the numerous figurines of cats that are strewn about the house. You can find every wandering spirit if you look in these specific places.

Tips 2

Once you have found all of the souls, you will be able to open the toy box and play with its contents. The next step is to interact with the box by continually clicking on the option that consists of three questions until an eye of the devil appears within it.


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