The Baby In Yellow

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About The Baby In Yellow

Baby In Yellow is a horror game released for the first time in March 2021.

There is a rumor that this game is based on a true story. Whatever, in the original version, you take on the role of a babysitter looking after an unruly infant. It becomes more and more obvious that the infant has transformed into something dreadful with each evening that the two of you spend together. Join the game and try to handle this baby. How long can you stay in control?


At first glance, you may consider this game easy to master. However, the developers are constantly adding new features that develop the lore. In fact, there are numerous secrets in the game. 

Controls Guide

The game has a total of three ending modes. The first can show up at any point during the game, but the others must wait until the end. There is a hidden conclusion, nevertheless, which not many players have seen. There is currently only one hidden ending in the game, but more will be added in the future.

On the second night, players can obtain this ending. You must locate six wandering souls. Small cat figurines that are dispersed about the house contain these secret souls. These locations are where you can locate every lost soul.

The toy box will become accessible to you once you have located all of the souls. The next step is to engage with the box by repeatedly clicking on the three-question choice until a demonic eye emerges from it. You must take it and hold it in your hands until the secret conclusion is revealed.


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