Scary Teacher 3D

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About Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is the title of a horror game released in 2021. The story is about a genius high school girl and her strict high school teacher. The scary teacher, Ms. T, has been threatening her students, giving them harsh physical punishment, and sometimes even torturing them. One day, this scary teacher has moved to your neighborhood, and it’s time to get revenge by scaring her.


Although this is a horror game, there are no violent or bloody scenes in Scary Teacher 3D. Therefore, it’s suitable for the age of students. Besides, the 3D-graphics is a notable feature of this game. It gives a true feeling and an eye-catching display while playing.

Controls Guide

Simply tapping on the virtual D-pad is all that's needed to maneuver your character across the map, investigate each area, finish levels, and ultimately escape the evil teacher in Scary Teacher 3D. It's important to take whatever you find and use it as you explore each room.

To observe different items, the player just simply moves the camera until it's in their vision scope. To control them, tap on the button on the right side of the screen. But while you're pulling pranks, use the rear-view mirror in the top right corner of the screen to keep an eye out for your crazy teacher.

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