Riddle School 5

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About Riddle School 5

Riddle School 5 is the final version of the famous horror Riddle School series. This is the longest, wackiest, and finest game in the entire series. This game is massive at the size of the file. It takes more than 10 minutes to complete, and possibly much longer if it's your first time playing, so you might need to schedule some time to finish it. The Riddle School 5 includes two Tile Puzzles. To spell out four different numerals, you need a box of nine squares, but pressing one tile will also illuminate the squares next to it. Additionally, adjacent diagonal squares light up in the second tile problem.

How to play the Riddle School 5 game

Regain control of Phil as he embarks on an epic journey to free himself from a group of aliens that pose a threat to Earth's survival. Use all of the items you find to aid you in exploring the enigmatic location where you are being confined and putting an end to their schemes once and for all! Save the environment by combining common items to create more effective tools.

Riddle School 5 game feature

  • This game is full of plot twists, settings, and challenging puzzles.
  • Because of the game’s large size, you have to be patient while loading this game.

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