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About Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is the title of the first-person horror game released for the first time in October 2021.

You were formerly employed by the Playtime factory. It was the king of the toy-producing industry. However, all the employees suddenly vanished one day. Police searched for clues in the case but were unsuccessful. After that, the factory was closed and abandoned.

You make the decision to come back here to find out what happened to all the workers after getting a mysterious letter from one of the missing employees. Your task is to discover the secrets hidden in the factory.


Despite not always being the most accurate, the controls are simple to learn and use. There are blood splatters all throughout the factory, despite the absence of graphic violence or gore. Additionally, the game's horror element will probably be too frightening for younger players. Last but not least, parents need to know that this is just the first part of a series of episodes that will need to be paid for separately in the future.

Controls Guide

The player receives a package containing a VHS tape that begins with a tour of the factory and an advertisement for the doll Poppy Playtime before cutting to spliced-in footage of graffiti depicting a poppy and a note from the missing workers asking them to "discover the flower." After cracking the security door's code and entering the deserted toy factory, they obtain the GrabPack, which they use to open the lobby door. Huggy Wuggy, who is on exhibit in the room's center when the player first enters, is presented to them. They are forced to restore electricity in the power room after the power cuts while they are trying to unlock one door in the foyer.

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