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About Toy Shooter

Toy Shooter is a survival game in which your objects launch attacks against you. Destruction: all of the toys that are attempting to enter your chamber. Various objects will attempt to attack you, so exercise caution. Begin immediately to defend your chamber.

How to play

Depending on the game you're playing, the standard controls for browser games will vary. However, the bulk of web games employ mice and keyboards for input. The following controls are common to encounter when joining browser-based games.
You frequently use arrow keys or WASD keys for keyboard navigation and character movement. Besides the spacebar for jumping, players often use Enter to start or stop the game.

First-person shooter games use the mouse for aiming and shooting, menu selection, and object interaction. The left mouse button typically performs selection or shooting operations, while the right mouse button serves ancillary functions such as aiming down sights or communicating with objects.
Shooting, jumping, and object interaction are the main uses of the spacebar.

You primarily use the Esc button to access the game menu or halt the game.
You primarily use the tab icon to view the inventory or scoreboard.
We primarily use the number keys for selecting products and switching weapons.
We primarily use Ctrl and Shift to crouch or sprint.
Always check the game's tutorial or instruction booklet before performing, as control methods can differ from one game to another.

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