The Baby In Yellow 2

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About The Baby In Yellow 2

Even though babies are typically cute and helpless, they can be terrifying if they change the rules and take over the game. Those who liked the first season should watch The Baby in Yellow 2. Come act the part of a babysitter! Do what you can to finish the mission while still taking care of the baby. Creepy moments and unexpected twists await you along the way. Have fun!


There have been various changes made to Baby in Yellow 2 from the original. The babysitter in this rendition finds herself in a terrifying underground house from which there is no way to escape. Then, she must merely feed the monster, such as a piglet in a wall, and when the monster eventually awakens—perhaps to devour this nanny—the game ends in a most unusual fashion.

How to play

The mouse can be used for navigation, and the scroll wheel can be used to adjust your view.
Please do the duties as outlined on the wall.
To exit the game, hit the ESC key.


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