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About Suika Game

Suika Game, an adorable and entertaining game, challenges you to combine two smaller fruits to grow them larger and produce larger watermelons. The goal of the Suika Game, also known as the "Watermelon Game," is to successfully combine fruits until you reach the watermelon, the largest fruit in the game.

How to play

The Suika Game's rules are straightforward to understand. Dropping and merging the fruits will result in larger fruits. Because the Suika Game ends once the fruits flow out of the container, it is essential to stack them smartly. Due to the absence of a predetermined time restriction, players are required to concentrate on forming combos and avoiding game overs.


Drop each fruit individually and pack it into a box. This must be done in order. The fruits move and roll around within the container as they drop or join forces with other fruits. This is how the laws of physics work.

When two identical fruits come into contact with each other, they combine to form a larger fruit. This sets off a domino effect of more and more mergers that will continue.

Because it is the largest fruit, the watermelon takes up a significant amount of space in the container and awards the most points.

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