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About Sector 01

In the action-packed and platforming video game Sector 01, you assume the character of a malfunctioning robot that has somehow attained awareness while being meant to be destroyed. At this point, you have no choice but to make every effort to save yourself and get out of the terrible factory.

The event took place a very long time ago in the old toy factory located on the outskirts of the city. This factory specializes in the production of robots. However, not every single robot that was built was capable of performing perfectly. There were scratches on some screens, while others exhibited color variations. Because of flaws in the manufacturing process, Sector 01 was given robots that had to be destroyed. However, throughout the course of its time in Sector 01, one of the robots sent there eventually developed consciousness.


Players of all ages are captivated by the straightforward action and simple aesthetics of Sector 01, which is presented in 2D.
Aside from that, you won't have to spend anything additional to participate in this game because it is free to play.
The actual gameplay is not very difficult. It can be handled with relative ease. Your objective in this game is to simply navigate the environment with your robot character while avoiding getting destroyed.


Controls Guide

The movement of the robot can be controlled by pressing the WASD keys on the keyboard in the appropriate order.

To punch, use the left mouse button.

To dash, use the right mouse button.

To jump in, press the W key on your keyboard.

Simply using the ESC key will cause you to exit the game immediately.

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