Friday Night Funkin'

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About Friday Night Funkin'

The musical rhythm game known as Friday Night Funkin' pits players against one another in freestyle music battles. No matter what you do, the father of the woman you love is always a pain because it's possible that his daughter will never think you're good enough for her.

You will need to engage in battle with the talented musician who is your girlfriend's father in order to complete this game. If you want to win the love of your girlfriend and the favor of her father, you are going to have to demonstrate that you are a better singer than he is and win rhythm competitions against him. Playing this game will provide you with the opportunity to practice your rhythmic skills.


There are two distinct game modes that you can choose from when playing Friday Night Funkin: Story Mode and Free Play.
There are several weeks to play through in Story Mode. You have the ability to select the level of difficulty for the major adversary that appears once per week.
In the Free Play option, you will be able to choose the specific song that you wish to play at any given time.

How to play

By pressing the arrows at the appropriate moment, you will be able to produce the desired sound, keep the beat consistent throughout the songs, and skip the minimum number of notes feasible. In order to progress through the story mode of Friday Night Funkin, you will need to win rap battles against a wide variety of foes over the course of seven weeks.

Sing along with Pico, Skid and Pump, Daddy Dearest, and many more artists, and try your best to exceed them all without missing a beat! There are three distinct difficulty settings available for the story mode. The hardest setting is extremely demanding and requires synchronization that is really close to flawless. You can get more practice by using the free play option, which will let you concentrate on each song in its own right.

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