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About Siren Head

The independent horror video game Siren Head is played from a first-person perspective and is linear. The game was inspired by a drawing of a fictitious creature made by the Canadian artist Trevor Henderson.

The events of the story begin on a night that was just like any other night. When your character wakes up after drinking, they are engulfed in a haze that looks like an empty rum bottle packed with smoke. While it is still early in the evening, you make the decision to go for a drive in order to clear your head. But you fall asleep behind the wheel and wake up in the middle of the Siren's Forest!

You have a hazy recollection of hearing the dreadful report that three teens were last seen in that region, and you suddenly understand that you have no choice but to leave immediately.

Despite this, you rapidly realize that you are not the only one in the middle of nowhere.


Our free atmospheric horror game, Siren Head, has tense gameplay in which players must pursue terrifying monsters while the game's music and display effects create a tense and terrifying atmosphere.

The majority of players believe that this game has the potential to frighten even the most courageous person. Therefore, you should never play it by yourself in the dark.

How to play

In this terrifying game, you have to find a way to escape from the Siren's Forest! Utilize a number of different modes of transportation so that you can successfully flee the area. Interacting with some objects in the forest may allow you to obtain the information you seek and have a better understanding of what took place there.


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