Subway Surfers

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About Subway Surfers

The Video Game Subway Surfers is a staple of the genre known as Endless Runners. You play as Jake, who navigates the subways while eluding the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

How to Play

As Jake, who is attempting to escape from the Inspectors and his dog, takes control of him, as he navigates the subways. In this game of infinite running, you must dodge obstacles such as trains, trams, walls, and more in order to travel as far as possible.

When playing Subway Surfers, you must gather coins in order to purchase Power-ups and other items that will assist you in progressing further in the game. The use of coins is not required in order to gain access to the various figures and boards. You may alter the appearance of the characters and give your Hoverboards new abilities by using the keys on your controller. It is imperative that you complete the prizes, as doing so will earn you keys.


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