Stickman Hot Potato

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About Stickman Hot Potato

Stickman Hot Potato is not too difficult to understand: You can avoid getting burnt by your opponents' hands by throwing a burning hot potato at them. It's similar to play catch but with a more intense spin on things.

Be careful not to be holding a potato when the timer hits 0; else, you'll be in for a very uncomfortable experience! Two of the four different fast modes are made for two people to use together. If you are playing by yourself, you can challenge the computer or contend against your family and friends. Whoever first accumulates 1,000 points triumphs. Engage in a unique experience by joining the Hot Rings Mode and competing to destroy your opponent's rings. Implement the four unique power-ups available in the game—the cloak, freeze, clone, and slow motion—while maintaining a strategic approach!

You can move towards the potato and hurl it out of your court by using the arrow keys. If it stays in your court for more than three seconds, the other team will score a goal against you.


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