Skibidi in the Backrooms

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About Skibidi in the Backrooms

Skibidi in the Backrooms is a horror game that mixes elements of the well-known Skibidi meme with those of the famed Backrooms game. Skibidi in the backrooms is a game. The players are now stuck in the backrooms, which are a labyrinth consisting of endless yellow corridors and vacant rooms.

They have to make their way through the backrooms while staying out of sight of the dangerous Skibidi toilets, which will pursue and attack them if they are spotted.

How to play

In order to avoid getting caught by the Skibidi Toilet, the player needs to be sneaky and think on their feet. The player has the option of strolling, sprinting, or crawling around the backroom to reach other areas. They might also conceal themselves in cupboards or beneath mattresses so as to avoid being discovered by the Skibidi toilets.

The objective of the game is to locate the door that leads to the storage areas. However, because the location of the exit changes frequently, players will need to continue searching for it. If the player is attacked by the Skibidi-Toilette, their character will perish and the game will be over.

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