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About Siren Head 3 Game

I hope that you like trying it out. You and a friend will have to use an ax and anything else you can find to combat a monster that has a siren head in the upcoming third-person shooter and horror game called Siren Head 3 Game.

How to play

Villages and forests are the most typical environments in which the Siren Head Forest Return can be found. Those who are traveling, those who are hiking, and even young children could be victims of Siren Head. There is a possibility that Siren Heads will exploit the sound of a distraught individual as part of their tactic to lure unwary victims into the jungle.


For navigation, use the W, A, S, and D keys. To look around, use the mouse. The left mouse button is used to fire, the right mouse button is used to aim, and the wheel is used to choose between different weapons. The letter G stands for grenades. Altering the camera view space can be accomplished by pressing R to reload F to interact with the left shift to run left Alt to crouch X to prone C.

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