Shoot Your Nightmare - Double Trouble

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About Shoot Your Nightmare - Double Trouble

The first-person shooter-horror game Shoot Your Nightmare - Double Trouble is both visually appealing and engaging to play. You are currently adrift in a wooded area. Find all of the things that have been buried, and exterminate all of the monsters who will attempt to stop you.
Horror First-Person-Shooter, discover, fire, and put an end to it!


Live through the terror and darkness of your nightmares! * Travel through forests, city blocks, and sewers! * Unlock countless guns! * Two different nightmares + BONUS Levels * New Adversaries: Your worst nightmares are about to come true! Diese Zeit, in order to wake up, you have to vanquish not one but two Horrors.



Controls Guide

W A S D to go around walking mouse to investigate the area. Click and hold the left mouse button to fire. Click and hold the right mouse button to aim. Use the wheel on your mouse to switch weapons. „G„ is for grenades. F to pick up things. R to reload the weapon. To sprint to the left, shift to the left. To crouch, press CTRL; to tilt, press X; To attack, press V. Free space for jumping

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