Shell Shockers

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About Shell Shockers

A fun multiplayer shooter, Shell Shockers has characters that are armed with strong weaponry. Multiple players participated in the game. Battles among egg warriors are made more violent by the use of shellshockers. In this game, you will be experiencing the action from a first-person perspective as you walk around and shooting enemies.

How to play

The other players in this game will transform into egg warriors, and they will be your adversaries. If you want to win, you have to get rid of the other eggs that are on the platform. The game can fulfill your requirements because it features a variety of gameplay types. One of the features of this game is the ability to invite your friends to take part in battles.


Then you will be able to collaborate and beat other adversaries in combat. To reduce the risk of injury, continuous movement can be helpful, but it can be challenging to aim and shooting precisely.


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