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About Scary Baby Yellow Game

Scary Baby Yellow Game is a video game where you assume the role of a caretaker responsible for tending to a mischievous and frightening infant. The infant is dressed in a yellow jumpsuit and possesses crimson eyes that emit a luminescent glow during nighttime. In addition, he possesses the ability to float, teleport, and launch an assault on you at any given moment. Your responsibility is to provide nourishment, attend to its hygiene needs, ensure its rest, and manage its mischievous behavior.

Characteristics of the Scary Baby Yellow Game

The game offers two modes: Normal and Escape. During Normal mode, you are required to successfully complete three nights of babysitting without experiencing any loss of mental stability. During Escape mode, your objective is to devise a means of evading the baby's lethal actions. There are four distinct outcomes that can be attained based on your activities.

Yellow Baby is a complimentary game that can be played on either a personal computer or a mobile browser, specifically Fnaf. The game features straightforward graphics and controls, while also incorporating aspects of humor and terror to provide an entertaining and chilling experience. The game has garnered favorable reviews from players who like its distinctiveness and level of difficulty.

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