Santy Is Home

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About Santy Is Home

The objective of the first-person horror video game Santy Is Home, which is a Christmas horror game, is to retrieve your daughter by preparing a present for Santy.

How to Play

You must read the letter intently to determine the steps that must be taken to retrieve the hero's daughter. The task is extremely challenging, and if you make even a single error, everything will have a negative outcome. It will be necessary for you to locate a wide variety of goods and clues that are concealed in various locations.

Additionally, if you want to win back the girl, you must remember that you are required to provide this terrible Santy with a present. The game has a great deal of unexpected elements and dangers, so you need to exercise extreme caution to avoid failing. Even though the entertainment appears to be humorous, the individual could have a difficult time with it. Therefore, demonstrate that you possess the talent to complete the task successfully!


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