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About Ragdoll Archers

The video game Ragdoll Archers is a type of archery game that features stickmen armed with bows and arrows with ragdoll graphics and physics. As you compete against a variety of adversaries, you will collect points that may be used to improve your talents and abilities. 
Ragdoll Archers is a challenging aim-and-shoot game. With the help of ragdoll physics, you try to eliminate other archers by using your bow and shooting.

How to play 

Arrows can bounce and generate sounds that resonate, and the fact that there are a variety of arrows to choose from makes the game more enjoyable. Archery is an interesting universe that you may enter because of its gorgeous graphics, hero progression system, challenging foes, and many types of damage that can be dealt to different sections of the body. Try it out for yourself and see for yourself how fantastic the physics is.

There is a single-player mode.
To control the archer, use the button on the left side of the mouse.
To make a jump, press the space bar.
Mode for Two Players
Player 1 is the one who controls the archer with the WASD keys and utilizes the left shift key to jump.
Player 2 uses the arrow keys to control the archer and the right shift key to jump.

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