Plankton's Plan

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About Plankton's Plan

Plankton's Plan is set in Bikini Bottom's enigmatic depths, and players assume the persona of the aforementioned evasive Plankton. Assume the role of Plankton, the most notorious antagonist in Bikini Bottom, and devise nefarious schemes to inflict harm upon SpongeBob and his companions.

How to play

You will surmount a multitude of obstacles and difficulties by exhibiting intelligence, deceit, and a touch of mischief. While pursuing your objectives through Bikini Bottom, you may encounter renowned locations from the animated series. Across the entirety of this submerged realm, from the jellyfish fields to the rusty krab, everything is at your disposal.


Prepare to confront SpongeBob and his companions, who will do whatever it takes to thwart your wicked schemes. They will do anything to safeguard their cherished residence, including thwarting your schemes and torturing you with frivolous games.


Evaluate your strategic prowess as you navigate through an assortment of riddles and objectives designed to elude even the most intelligent adversaries. To gain an advantage over SpongeBob and his companions, you must maintain a one-step advantage.


As you execute your master plan, sow disarray in Bikini Bottom through the use of malevolent concepts and the assistance of ignorantly individuals. With each passing turn, you will advance one step closer to your ultimate goal, which is to vanquish SpongeBob and conquer the underwater world.


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Horror Games

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