One Night At Flumpty's

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About One Night At Flumpty's

Play One Night At Flumpty's and face off against armies of rogue toys. It's similar to the FNAF Scarefest, but this time around, the antagonists are all different. One Night At Flumpty's features an egg called Flumpty Bumpty that can warp across time and space, murder at will, and abduct you.

He takes you to an old house, where you play a survival game of hide-and-seek in the vein of the FNAF series. He'll bring along his Pals, and you'll have to deal with them. Keep yourself and any other guests in your room secure from midnight to 6 a.m.

One Night At Flumpty's has a cast of bizarre and dangerous monsters such as:

Eggs are a good time, but they should never be used to commit murder. You must track him down utilizing the security system in order to defeat him. He isn't constrained by any rules and can show up wherever he likes. Therefore, interacting with him will be challenging for you.
Blam, the Birthday Boy, is a little square who occasionally attacks people and who really adores pizza. He is Flumpty's closest companion and will come up to you via the window to introduce himself.

The Beaver & The Owl is a cartoon about a beaver and a masked owl. You can only stop them from appearing in other rooms, if you close the door behind them.
The Redman is a terrifying red face that may appear anywhere throughout the game. While he won't actively harm you, he will be a major pain, if he gets in the way of your camera or the spotlight.
The terrifying toilet clown, Grunkfu the Clown. Staring at him to feed too long will make him aggressive.

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