Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

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About Monsters Attack Impostor Squad

An apocalypse of Monsters Attack Impostor Squad has been unleashed, at the same time that a new version of the squid games with small impostors is being arranged. The dreadful monsters of Slenderman, Huggy Wuggy, and Fredy have joined together, and they have managed to manipulate the soldiers so that they may mesmerize them and therefore eliminate all of the participants!! 

But, fortunately, a group of drei diminutive impostors, who were professionals in special forces, came together and was able to combat the awful creatures and come out on top. Are you able to keep control of these miniature heroes and thereby wipe out all of the monsters? Have a good time playing this brand-new game. 


Take control of the three different characters and make sure that they can make it through each of the more challenging stages without dying.
Confront the three distinct monsters that pose a threat and will look for ways to exterminate you whenever they have the chance.
Diese is a game that focuses on fighting, action, and shooting.
Conflict between pretenders and real monsters: Survival depends on both strategy and resources.



Controls Guide

Make your way around with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can switch heroes by hitting shooting while holding down the Z key. Exceptional Capability X On mobile devices, you can play the game by tapping the buttons.

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