MineWorld Horror The Mansion

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About MineWorld Horror The Mansion

MineWorld Horror The Mansion the first-person survival horror game The Mansion features eerie visuals inspired by Minecraft, a spooky ambiance, and terrifying zombies. Zwei police officers and the medic arrived at the residence on the outskirts of the city twelve hours ago.

A Caller from that location informed them, that something peculiar was occurring. You are tasked with inspecting the estate while awaiting backup... However, everything will go dreadfully wrong...

A Minecraft-inspired game with first-person and third-person perspectives. 
Six weapons varieties, two melee and four ranged. More than 10 varieties of undead combined horror shooter and escape game. Magnificent 3D-Illustrations


Controls Guide

Mouse 1: Launch a weapon

Mouse 2: Gaze elevation C:

Change the camera mode W, S, A, and D

Player movement Left Shift: do a left gallop Hold Ctrl to kneel X to lie prone Space: ascend Use item F R: Load again

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