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About Into The Dead Trigger

Madfinger Games is responsible for the development and publication of the first-person-shooter-zombie-survival game to be known as Into The Dead Trigger. Since its release in 2012 for mobile devices running iOS and Android, it is currently available for free play on this Website. The visuals, playability, and addictiveness of the game are still to be discovered by you, but it has received accolades for all of these aspects.


When you play Into the Dead Trigger, you take on the role of Kyle, a person who has survived a zombie apocalypse. Through the elimination of zombies, the acquisition of weapons and supplies, and the exploration of the post-apocalyptic environment, your objective is to achieve the longest possible duration of survival.

There are a few other game modes available in this game, such as the challenge mode, the survival mode, and the campaign mode. The narrative of Kyle's progression through the zombie apocalypse is told through the campaign mode of the game. The objective of the Survival Mode is to stay alive for as long as possible while facing off against waves of zombies. Diese Mode puts your Talent to the test by putting you through a range of difficulties.

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