Impostor Warline 456 Survival

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About Impostor Warline 456 Survival

Enjoy yourself while playing this brand-new game, Impostor Warline 456 Survival. Survivors are entertaining! On this special occasion, the young ones among us who have previously taken part in a game similar to the squid game will attempt to win the first game despite the fact that they are now armed!

Now that you have sided with the people who made the game, you will be in charge of the rebels among us. Are you able to put a halt to these games, control this uprising, and exterminate all of the participants who have taken up arms against you?

Have fun while you work on enhancing your traits, and continue to work on improving them as you acquire gold and increase your score.

The purpose of the game is to take control of the soldier that belongs to the squid game and defend the red line of their game Greenlight Red Light, remove all of the rebels that are among us who have taken weapons and are prepared to eliminate you and bring an end to the games.


Controls Guide

Utilize the mouse to control the character on the desktop, shooting and utilize the things, and use the keyboard arrow keys and the keys W and S to move up and down, respectively. On tablets and mobile devices, you should touch the screen.

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