Ice Scream Horror Adventure

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About Ice Scream Horror Adventure

The person who sells Ice Scream Horror Adventure has come to the area. Your friend and neighbor "Bob" has been taken by him, and you've seen everything. It has some kind of power that has frozen your best friend, and you have to find out where it goes.

What if this story is really about more kids like him? This scary ice cream vendor's name is Rod, and he seems nice to young kids, but he has something bad in mind for them that you'll have to find out. You only know that he will put it somewhere in his ice cream truck, but you are unsure of where.


In this game, what can you do? The bad Rod can hear everything you do, but you can hide and trick him so he doesn't see you. - Move around the ice cream van to go to different places and find out all of its secrets.

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