Ice Scream

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About Ice Scream

Summertime is approaching with a nostalgic feel. One day, an ice cream seller comes to your neighborhood with a truck full of cold and tasty ice cream. However, it’s not as simple as what you see. To be honest, the ice cream maker is more than spooky. He will invite the kids with yummy ice cream, then kidnap them, and lock them in this truck. As in the name Ice Scream, what you hear is the scream of the kidnapped child. Your task is to find out what the secret is behind the ice cream truck and try to save the poor kids. Good luck!


Sincerely, Ice Scream is pretty simple to play. The maps are too large, and you can easily outrun him.

This game presents players with a thrilling atmosphere and a lot of dramatic scenes. Besides, the sound effects also boost the tension and scare the players.

Controls Guide

Before jumping into this game, take a quick look at its gameplay: 

  • First of all, you have to choose the preferred playing mode. The game has three different modes: Ghost, Normal, and Hard.
  • Then, try to stay out of sight and keep quiet during exploring time. The main goal is to avoid being eaten by the horror ice cream man. So, make as little noise as possible.
  • After that, use the map to move from one place to the next. In this game, your task is to discover this area and look for hints and clues in several different places. So, you need to find the map before you unlock the option of traveling by truck.

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