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About Gaslit Office

In the Gaslit Office, a straightforward and basic point-and-click action game, the player goes through the motions of a regular workday. Playing this brief and straightforward point-and-click-adventure game will allow you to experience a typical day at the workplace.

How to play

Dieses Game is not anything to be afraid of. However, this is dependent on whether or not you are willing to go forward.

Your entry in the game is determined by the time at which you are no longer in possession of anything that you can offer them. Today is an ordinary day at the office. The length of time that you worked at that location is not something that you are able to recall with any degree of efficiency. Make it a habit to show up for work each and every day. In some situations, you could find yourself wishing for a change from time to time.

When you reach this point in the narrative, you will begin to fully connect with the plot, explore the world at your own pace, and search for hidden components within it. You may rest assured that the game will give you an enjoyable and intense experience because it has six different opportunities for the game's conclusion.

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