Garten Banban vs Poppy

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About Garten Banban vs Poppy

After Red creates a mysterious force, the separate universes of Garten Banban vs Poppy collide in a game, where Rainbow Friends and Poppy Playtime compete against one another. Every person is competing against every other person.

Player vs. Orange Huggy The battle pits Wuggy against Blue, and even Daddy Long Legs against Green!
Huggy bemoans the fact that he is unable to perform this act anymore and reveals that they had an entire performance set out in which he was going to declare that Ban Ban stole from them and that Bendy was going to turn up and "get a few laughs." However, he is unable to do either of these things.

He then takes a seat, despondent, thinking that they are doing the same actions over and over again and that the more independent horror games that are released, the more it seems like "the magic is gone."

Josh puts Huggy on his lap and takes out a banjo from his bag. They all sing to Huggy regarding how the next Indie Horrors should be better, and Freddy, Blue, and Bendy all join in on the singing action.

They sing about how, despite the fact that their lore was written quickly, this does not imply that there was no love put into writing it.

All of the elements described above, in addition to the highest possible quality graphics, even smooth abilities for fighting, diving, sprinting, and swinging


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