Fall Guys

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About Fall Guys

Free and playable across several platforms, Fall Guys pits players against one another in rounds of hysterical obstacle course competition. Create your own Lessons: You can create your own awesome customized Rounds and circulate them with the Community with the Fall Guys Creative-Level-Editor.

Both Rivalry and Unity: Choose from a variety of competitive and cooperative activities, or take to the Blunderdome with a group of up to three other players. In Co-op-Games, Partying across Platforms is encouraged by Fall Guys.
Game updates and partnerships consistently add new Outfits, Challenges, and Gameplay to keep things interesting.

Items featured are not included and may be obtained through additional means, such as the in-game store.

How to play

The game may accommodate up to 40 players. Players take control of marshmallow-shaped characters and face off against one another in a variety of randomly assigned minigames, such as obstacle courses and soccer.

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