Eyes of Horror

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About Eyes of Horror

In the horror games Eyes of Horror, players must collect as much money as possible before fleeing. Of course, things are not easy because the player will be haunted by the mournful spirit during the journey.
As they wander from room to room in this survival horror match, the players must follow the good indicators and avoid the bad ones. Keep in mind that ghosts can only fly through wide spaces. At the toughest levels, though, the ghost might emerge anywhere.

When playing, please choose a suitable direction. Because of the good blend of light and shadow, Eyes: The Horror Game may provide players with chills several times, requiring the player to travel quickly from room to room. Furthermore, there will be moments when players are reluctant to shooting individuals because of a situation in the game. As a result, when the ghost emerges, the player is likely to be frightened and leap out of the chair.

The purpose of Eyes: The Horror Game is to simply pay attention to the tracks in order to escape without being injured or glancing at the ghost that is pursuing you. Eyes: The Horror Game is still being developed in the usual manner of free-to-play horror games, but rather than simply copying the common elements, this game has introduced many new characteristics to the gloomy game genre.


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