Evil Granny: Horror Village

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About Evil Granny: Horror Village

A fascinating experience, Evil Granny: Horror Village, is just waiting for you to conquer it. In Evil Granny: Horror Village, you play a victim who is a captive of an evil grandma in a house. The objective of the game is to look around the house for clues that will lead to a route out while staying out of the grasp of the vengeful old woman. If you want to make it through this terrifying game alive, you're going to have to use your wits and your plan.

The enigmatic gameplay of the role-playing game found in Evil Granny: Horror Village
Utilize the controls displayed on the screen in order to move your character throughout the house while playing Evil Granny: Horror Village. While avoiding Granny and any other potential threats, you will need to search for clues and objects that will assist you in escaping the room. Keep a close watch on your environment, as the old lady could show up at any moment to give chase and try to get you.


Be careful and gentle as you move. Because Grandma has excellent hearing, you should be careful not to make any noises that might give away your position.

Make use of various things as a diversion for Granny. If you can get your hands on something that produces a sound, like a bell or an alarm clock, you can utilize that to distract Granny and get her to leave your house.

Learn the locations of hidden chambers and corridors. A hidden entrance or passageway may provide you with a means of egress from the house, which is full of unexpected twists and turns throughout.


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