Elastic Man

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About Elastic Man

In the entertaining game "Elastic Man," you get to squeeze and tug on the face of a man with an unusually elastic face. Comparable to a balloon, the individual undergoes expansion when pulled.

Enjoy yourself while pulling and dragging the man's elastic visage aimlessly; the game provides no specific objective for you to accomplish. You will not notice the creases on Elastic Man's face, which is one of the factors contributing to his unsettling appearance if you select the medium quality. Additionally, a wonderful stable performance is ensured by the medium quality mode.

How to play

wist it, stretch it, and do whatever else you want with it. Take an eye and give it your best go at ripping it out. You may make crazy faces by clicking on the nose. Pull its ears in a manner that has never been seen before. Have a good time playing with Elastic Man!
Controlled by a mouse


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