Dead Faces : Horror Room

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About Dead Faces : Horror Room

In the dark horror 3D game Dead Faces : Horror Room, players will have the opportunity to collect objects, solve mysteries, experience fright, and develop their sense of intrigue.

How to play

You can play it without spending a single penny. In this game, you play as a protagonist who discovers themselves inside a building where a lot of strange things are happening is the one you play as in this game. You assume ownership of the protagonist. She must venture out, find the objects by meticulously following instructions, and triumph over each stage without any anxiety.


Using the W A S D controls, you can move around. Look around with the mouse. To fire, press the left mouse button.To change weapons, use the right mouse button to aim and the mouse wheel. To interact with or pick up items, press R to reload E. To run, press the left-shift key. To crouch, press the left C key. An Area to Jump in


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