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About Dead Faces Clone Online

In the game Dead Faces Clone Online, you will assume the role of a character named John. He has spent an extended period of time in seclusion and has lost all recollection of the reasons behind his self-imposed isolation from society. He experienced amnesia and suffered from identity loss. The individual is experiencing the onset of insanity, which may soon consume him entirely. In order to avert this occurrence, it is imperative that you expeditiously restore the gentleman's recollection. In order to accomplish this, you will need to embark on an arduous and challenging journey, which will have the potential to either restore the hero's well-being or drive him to madness. Now you have complete control over everything!

Instructions for playing Dead Faces Clone Online

The game comprises multiple missions. In order to successfully navigate each one, it is imperative that you adhere to the directional arrows. It will guide you towards the correct course of action. Engage in the discovery of diverse objects in order to gather fragments of your memories and prevent the encroachment of insanity onto your psyche. Over time, anonymous entities will become involved. These menacing beasts will initially frighten you before launching an assault. Once you possess a weapon, it is imperative that you employ it promptly. If you are able to withstand the tormenting duplicates fnaf, acquire your pass to liberation. Wishing you success!

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