Daddy Rabbit

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About Daddy Rabbit

Enjoy this Daddy Rabbit game when a cute rabbit dad has to take care of his baby rabbits in the burrow under the coolest farm you've ever seen. To do this, you have to go through a lot of zombies that don't like hearing baby rabbits cry.

The coolest rabbit burrow you have ever seen is where Daddy Rabbit needs to find all of his lost kids. These little rabbits sleep soundly everywhere, but when their dad rabbit walks by, they are going to follow him all the way. Just give them a carrot, so they will stay where they are if you're willing to let them snooze as part of your plan. Rabbit babies will follow their dad, but if he gets too far away while they are awake, they will cry.

Das will make the Zombies angry, and they will go right after them to eat them. Then Dad Rabbit will protect his kids with a carrot attack and give those bad zombies what they deserve.


Controls Guide

To get to another part of the magriguera, click on a spot in the tube. Use the space bar to shooting carrots.

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