Cut The Rope: Experiments

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About Cut The Rope: Experiments

Cut The Rope: Experiments is a visual puzzle game that is played in two dimensions. The only thing you need to do to play it is use your mouse. The game's primary components are the rope and the physical components.

How to play

Typically, players hang the candy from a thread and cut the string to move it across the level. Gravity and motion affect the candy, making it easier to move around in the environment. The enclosed levels lack corners, so if the candy moves off-screen, you'll lose it and have to restart the game. Certain dangers have the potential to destroy the sweets and force you to begin over.


By clicking the left mouse button, you can simulate tapping to move the tools around the game. This will give you the impression that you are tapping. When you want to chop objects, you should hold down the left mouse button and drag it. As you progress through each level, your objective is to bring the colorful sweets to Om Nom's lips. The accumulation of all three stars indicates the completion of a level.


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