ChooChoo Charles Friends Defense

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About ChooChoo Charles Friends Defense

You need not look any further than ChooChoo Charles Friends Defense, if you are searching for an online action game that will get your heart racing and consume a lot of your time.

As they go through this captivating game, players will find themselves completely submerged in the horror world of training games. In the role of the brave Choo-Choo Charles, you must protect the train from the terrible Rainbow Monster and its awful Henchmen.

Your reflexes and your ability to strategize will be put to the test to the fullest extent possible because there is a lot at stake. Your defenses will be strengthened, and you will get access to devastating powers, which will allow you to defeat wave after wave of enemies.



Controls Guide

The controllers of the PC: To fire, you can use a mouse. Touch-controls allow you to shooting by touching the screen.

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