Baldi's Basics

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About Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics, an enjoyable teaching game with a variety of themes, is now available in full 3D. You'll learn a lot, including algebra and spelling! Once you've seen Baldi, there's no turning back, and if he finds out...

Avoid Baldi and collect seven notebooks before leaving the building. Learn how each of Baldi's schoolmates behaves and how to avoid attracting their attention, as this might stymie your progress and raise the probability of being detected.

Look around and make use of what you find. Oh, and try not to answer the question incorrectly. Baldi becomes annoyed with each ineffective retort.

How to Play

WASD keys are used to move, and the mouse is used to rotate. Press the left mouse button to use the selected object, toggle switches, and minimize items. To alter the currently chosen object, use the right thumb button.

While sprinting, hold shift and hit the buttons to quickly peek behind you (be careful of your stamina bar!).
You can take a little break by selecting "Escape."


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