Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter

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About Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter

In Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter, the player is provided with a firearm to engage in combat with the Skibidi that are located in front of them. This game is quite addicting. You are in a completely vacant room.

How to play

The number of Skibidi Toilets that emerge in front of you will steadily increase while you are there. You ought to make every effort to do away with them as fast as you can. You will run into a lot of problems if you let their number steadily expand over an extended period. Finally, proceed to the subsequent rooms.

There are several obstacles that you need to conquer. It is important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of this game is to locate the exit of the room and then make your escape from there. Make it through each level and triumph over the trials that lie ahead. Where do you stand?

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