About is an enormous virtual universe brimming with prospects. Choose a companion and embark on a fresh expedition! Commence an epic journey as one of four distinct characters: Martha, Oliver, Mike, or Rose.

How to play

Once you have selected a character, you will immediately be able to participate alongside players from around the globe. Select the game mode that you prefer next. The objectives of each game vary:

While attempting to gain strength, you must defend yourself against other participants in a peaceful environment. To maintain some control in your opponents and ensure your survival, you must engage in fierce battles with a brilliant strategy.

Survival: In the game, you can toggle the PvP mode on and off. You are now free to concentrate on resource collection, construction, and construction without fear of enemy assault. Those who appreciate combat and exploration will adore this game.

One can construct virtually anything one desires by utilizing the various structures and instruments. Prove your artistic prowess by constructing exquisite landscapes. Construction and Expansion are limitless!