Slide In The Woods

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About Slide In The Woods

Slide In The Woods is a free horror exploration game that is both interesting and fun to play. It takes players on a trip that is both intriguing and disturbing. Johnny's Games, a brilliant independent game developer, places players in a first-person position as they navigate through a misty woodland on this unsettling adventure.

It compensates for its lack of context by offering an engaging ambiance and a captivating objective: finding a slide hidden deep within the forest.

How to Play the Game

 In Slide in the Woods, the players find themselves in the middle of a thick forest blanketed in fog for some unknown reason.  The absence of context contributes to the attractiveness of the game, as players are required to make their way through the foreboding forest to discover the strange slide.

The fact that the player has limited visibility and just a lantern to guide them is an indicator that the game is an excellent horror game since it makes the player feel powerless. Each time they passed the slide, they felt the sensation of being trapped in an unexplained cycle intensify due to the passage of time.

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