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About Last Seen Online

Old Flashgames serves as the inspiration for the escape room known as Last Seen Online, which is a terrifying psychological escape room. Look at the files on the computer of another person. Discover the answers to the riddles and discover what is contained within the computer.

How to play

Emily's Away and Hypnospace Outlaw are two games that serve as inspiration for the creation of a terrifying puzzle-card game. It takes place in the 1990s on a desktop computer that supports dial-up connections. A short while ago, you discovered the computer and decided to switch it on. If you want to find out what is on it as well as what happened to the owner, you will need to seek hints, utilize a chat software such as MSN Messenger, and enter a closed virtual environment.

To play, any number of individuals can participate, and doing so is a lot of fun. It is possible to pass the time while gaining a deeper understanding of those around you.


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